Idiom:  make something up


Idiom:  make something up (make up something)

  1. to create a story or tell a lie about something
  2. to take time to do something you should have done earlier

Example sentences

  • I had no idea what the answer was for the test so I just made something up.
  • When I asked my daughter where she went yesterday after school I knew she was making it up because I saw her at the mall with that boy.
  • Do you get the feeling that President Trump just makes stuff up constantly?
  • My boyfriend needs to practice more at making things up because it's so obvious every time he's not telling me the truth.
  • Why did you have to make up something about such an unimportant issue? Now I really wonder if you've been truthful about the important things.
  • These kids never do their homework.  They make stuff up just to turn the assignment in.
  • My parents are taking us on a trip so my math teacher is letting me make the math test up on the following Wednesday.
  • Since you were sick last week, you can make the homework up over the next two weeks.
  • We were late departing Philadelphia but the pilot was able to make the time up during the flight and we actually arrived early.
  • I was hoping my manager wouldn't remember but he said I'd have to make up the days I have to sit in for the receptionist next week since I couldn't do it this week.


  • bend the truth
  • feed someone a line
  • lead on
  • put one over on someone

  • carry through
  • wrap up

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