Idiom:  measure up


Idiom:  measure up (to someone/something)

  • to be as good as someone or something else

Example sentences

  • My father never thought I’d measure up as a businessman because I was so shy and timid but I’ve been more successful than he is.
  • My mother never thought I measured up to my older sister no matter how well I did.
  • Lady Gaga’s latest CD does not measure up to the last.
  • Unfortunately, this work doesn't measure up to our standards and we'll have to ask the consultant to do a re-write.
  • Trying to measure up to your requirements is impossible. I quit.
  • It wasn't a good idea to put my son in an advanced math class. He was doing well in the regular course and now his morale is down because he's not measuring up.
  • It's easier for our youngest to measure up to his siblings' swimming records because we've learned a lot of things about training and conditioning from their experiences.
  • It was depressing to be at a top university where I couldn't measure up to my classmates.
  • With photo editing, it's impossible for women to measure up to fake standards but we try anyway and it's causing serious mental health problems.


  • make the grade
  • pass muster
  • make the cut
  • come up to snuff
  • fill the bill
  • make the cut
  • amount to

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