Idiom:  nod off


Idiom:  nod off

  • to begin to sleep, especially when sitting up or not intending to fall asleep.

Example sentences

  • Pull over and let me drive—you look like you’re about to nod off.
  • My husband comes home, eats dinner and nods off in front of the television every evening.
  • I nodded off several times in class today and had to apologize to my professor.
  • Did you see the woman nodding off during the ceremony? How embarrassing!
  • Can we turn on the air-conditioner? It's so warm I'm starting to nod off.
  • That macaroni and cheese looks delicious but I'll nod off this afternoon if I eat it.
  • Did you sleep last night? You keep nodding off.
  • The person sitting in front of me kept nodding off and suddenly waking up all day at the conference.
  • I wanted to work during the flight but I nodded off after takeoff and didn't wake up until we were about to land.
  • I feel so sleepy. Please tap my arm if you see me nod off.


  • doze off
  • drift off

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