Idiom:  not in the least


Idiom:  not in the least

  • not in any way

Example sentences

  • Since we moved our children have not in the least been happy because they miss their friends.
  • Unfortunately, the people here are not in the least bit friendly or helpful.
  • A: "Are you happy with your new teacher?"  B: "Not in the least."
  • I wasn't in the least bit interested in watching what I eat until my doctor said I had pre-hypertension and pre-diabetes.
  • We weren't in the least bit surprised our daughter didn't get into Stanford but she was devastated not to get in.
  • From your smile I guess you aren't in the least disappointed with your new car.
  • I wasn't in the least interested in going to the movies but my boyfriend didn't want to go alone.
  • My manager was not in the least apologetic for taking credit for my idea.


  • don't hold your breath
  • not on your life
  • not under any circumstance

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