Idiom:  out of hand


Idiom:  out of hand 

  1. not controlled
  2. without additional consideration

Example sentences

  • The party got out of hand and they had to call the police.
  • These calls from telemarketers early on Sunday mornings have gotten out of hand.
  • My father’s drinking is getting out of hand so were trying to persuade him to get help.
  • The things that fraternities are forcing their pledges to do are out of hand and numerous students have died in recent years from alcohol poisoning.
  • My request to work from home once a week was rejected out of hand, so I’m thinking about quitting.
  • We dismissed our 10-year-old son's plea to stay up until midnight to watch the football game out of hand because it was a school night.
  • The salesperson refused my attempt to return a pair of shoes out of hand because I'd worn them but I was able to show the manager they were defective.
  • Please don't dismiss an employee's comments out of hand because they will not feel valued and will become resentful.


  • out of control
  • no holds barred

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