Idiom:  put something on the map


Idiom:  put something on the map

  • to make something famous

Example sentences

  • This is the song and video that put Britney Spears on the map.
  • Unfortunately, the mass shooting at my high school is what put our small town on the map.
  • The redwood trees are what put Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks on the map.
  • Sadly, the sex scandal between the principal and a student put our school on the map.
  • I've heard of that place for some reason. What was it again that put it on the map?
  • Do you remember what put Kim Kardashian on the map?
  • Fargo was the movie that put the state of Minnesota on the map.
  • Defeating ten-term incumbent Congressman Joe Crowley was the event that put Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the map.
  • Obviously, the Leaning Tower is what put Pisa on the map.


  • in the spotlight

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