Idiom:  the same old, same old


Idiom:  the same old, same old / same old

  • something has stayed the same as before (and the result is often tiresome or boring)

Example sentences

  • It’s the same old boring office as when you left a year ago.
  • My life is the same old, same old: study, practice, eat and sleep.
  • Our school dance is the same old, same old every year.
  • You guys always fight. It's just the same old, same old.
  • She got ridiculously drunk at the party. It's just the same old every weekend and I'm getting a bit worried she has a problem.
  • We're going to the same old campsite for our summer holidays. It's beautiful though.
  • My assistant is 45 minutes late again. It's the same old every week and I'm tired of it.
  • It's the same old, same old with you. Will you every tell me the truth?
  • A:  "What's for breakfast?"  B: "The same old, same old I'm afraid."


  • the same old thing
  • the same old story

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