Idiom:  spill the beans

Spill the beans idiom

Look at the picture and try to guess the meaning of the idiom 'spill the beans.'   

Spill the beans:   to tell someone a secret or tell information before you were supposed to.


  • I accidentally spilled the beans  when I told my friend we're painting the baby's room pink.  
  • I cannot believe you spilled the beans  about our party tomorrow—now I'll have to invite Nancy.
  • Mark and I got engaged last night but don't spill the beans  to anyone—I want to tell mom and dad in person tomorrow night.
  • If I spill the beans  will you promise not to tell anyone else?
  • We planned a surprise birthday party for my colleague but a deliveryman accidentally spilled the beans  to him about it.
  • I know you were the one who spilled the beans  about my diagnosis because I didn't tell anyone else about it.
  • Don't tell Sarah anything confidential because she's incapable of not spilling the beans.
  • I hate to spill the beans  but I think you should know your boyfriend is seeing another girl and she posted photos of them together on Facebook.
  • My mother promised not to spill the beans  about my pregnancy but then turned around and told two people—who told two more people and so on and so on!
  • My coworker spilled the beans  about a new product we were developing and a competitor learned about it and released their own version before we did.

  • My colleague spilled the beans  that I had found a new position and it got back to my supervisor before I had given my notice of resignation.

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Your Turn to Practice

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