Idiom:  take one's chances


take one's chances: 

  • to allow luck to decide on an outcome
  • do something risky even though it might not succeed
  • accept an uncertain end result

Example sentences

  • I know it’s unlikely I’ll become a pop singer but I don’t care—I’m taking my chances anyway.
  • In professional tennis, the players are so close in skill they have to take their chances making shots close to the lines in order to win.
  • I know she might not accept my invitation but I'll take my chances and invite her anyways.
  • My son decided to take his chances and move to New York to try and become a model.
  • If I hadn't taken my chances applying to Harvard, Stanford and MIT, I would have never gone to one of the best universities.
  • The weather doesn't look great but we'll take our chances and go to the beach anyways.
  • I wish I hadn't taken my chances speeding to work. I got pulled over going 25 mph above the speed limit and I got a $200 ticket.
  • The plane is sold out but I'll take my chances and fly standby this evening.
  • I doubt John is home right now but let's take our chances and stop by anyways.
  • I used to take my chances every year shopping the day before Christmas but now I shop online to be sure I get everything I need and it's much less stressful.


  • take a chance

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